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Moving to a new home is a new chapter of your life, so why not start with a fresh slate and lose the clutter. When deciding what to bring to your new home, ask yourself whether you use it, really need it, or really love it.  For anything not getting a yes – toss it out. Here’s a list to start you thinking about stuff you can sell, donate, or give away to lighten your moving load.

  1. Old towels, linens and shower curtains, You may be buying new linens for your new home, or may just want to pare down to your best and favorite.
  2. Unworn/Old Clothes, as you pack, create a pile to donate clothes that no longer fit, or you never choose to wear.  Some people can easily reduce closet contents by a third or even half!
  3. Cosmetics, cleaning supplies, aging spices and canned goods in the kitchen.  Enough said.
  4. Cords, Cables and old electronics no longer in use.
  5. Paperwork, Take the time to sort through those boxes of papers, organizing the essentials (perhaps digitizing) and shredding those tons of old statements.
  6. Excess furniture, appliances, knickknacks,  Most of us find that some furniture just isn’t right for the new place- and there are charities happy to pick up.  While you’re looking at larger possessions, go through the kitchen and donate small appliances and extra sets of dishes just taking up space.  Knick-knacks are personal, and you may love all of yours – but now’s  an opportunity to free the less than favorite ones to someone else’s home, reduce your collection, and thereby limit clutter growth in your lovely new place.

If you are ready to buy, sell or have a real estate question, please contact me.  I love to help.

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